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Carnival - GoCCL.com

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ADT - Responsive Web App - Dashboard


Carnival really wanted to provide a better experience to the many travel agents that use goccl.com to book cruises for their clients. They asked SapientRazorfish to help improve the experience and increase engagment and booking frequency.

My Role

I took over as the lead experience designer on the project. The work I did focused on experience design documentation, wireframing and functional annotations.

experience design

Much like we've done on other Carnival projects, we worked to build a component library in which a number of components could be used to build a variety of template pages that would satisfy the requirements of the site. Below are some of the wireframed template pages and annotated components. Components were made responsive and also account for variations and states that exist.
ADT - Automations Dashboard
ADT - Automations Dashboard
ADT - Dashboard
ADT - Lights
ADT - Annotated Wires
ADT - Annotated Wires
ADT - Annotated Wires
ADT - Annotated Wires

Updates to come

The site is set to launch later this year. I will update this page with the fully designed comps at that time.